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AktiMate Micro B

Released November 2014

The AktiMate Micro was an instant success when it was introduced in 2011. Having seen the need for a seriously good pair of stereo desktop speakers with sound quality being the key component, the original Micro was designed to target that market. It didn’t mean however that they should be limited to desktop use!

The first review to appear in the UK noted “.....they immediately impress with the scale and energy of their delivery. Vibrant and punchy, the Micros offer punchy dynamics and a spacious well organised sound stage. Treble sounds attack crisply, the midrange is detailed and communicative, and the bottom end has the sort of substance and textural variation that all-in-one iPod docks can only dream about.”

This was followed by a Group Test in the same magazine where our AktiiMate™ Micro was the outright winner beating some serious opposition. The speaker then went on to win the Desktop Product of the Year in What Hi Fi in the UK.

Whilst some subtle changes occurred along the way with the introduction of a metal grille over the woofer and the addition of a Bluetooth adaptor, the speakers have not received a major upgrade until development of the Micro B. This started in late 2013. The dock was removed and Bluetooth became an integral part of the design. The speaker continues to offer the features which catapulted it to success in 2011.

The Micro B remains a two way fully shielded stereo pair of speakers which includes 1 active and 1 passive speaker. A 40W Class D amplifier is housed in the active speaker. The incorporated universal power supply means that the speaker can be used anywhere in the world without need for a change in voltage selection.The On/Off switch is located on the rear panel of the active speaker and a blue LED lights above the volume knob when the system  is on. The knob on the left hand front is a three position input selector for Bluetooth, USB (for PC playback) or 3.5mm jack plug input. All cables are supplied - these include 3.5mm and USB together with speaker cable to link the active and passive speakers.

Cosmetically it is noticeably different with the removal of the dock which had previously been concealed in the top of the active speaker - and the addition of a stylish aluminium tweeter ring.





Power Output   



Frequency Response  

Power Amplifier Type  

DAC (Only on USB input)  



Input Impedance   

Passive speaker impedance


Mains voltage   


Dimensions W x D x H  





1 Active/1Passive (Slave) Speaker

40 W  @ 1kHz into its own 4 Ohm load

100mm / 4” Kevlar design

25mm soft dome  - neodymium magnet - magnetically shielded

Speaker:70Hz - 25KHz   Amplifier:20Hz - 25KHz

Class D

TI PCM2704 16bit 48khz

iPod dock  plus  3.5mm jack line in

USB (PC Use Only)         Bluetooth 4.0

10K Ohm

4 Ohms

Temperature - Short circuit on output - Low & high voltage supply

Universal  100 - 240V

Power cable, Speaker cable, 3.5mm jack cable, USB cable

Banana plugs (2 red/2 black), Rubber feet, Manual

145 x 200 x 240 mm   5.7 x 7.87 x 9.45 ins

Black, Red or White high gloss

6.95 Kg       8.2 Kg Packed

1 pair / 1 carton

12 months - original purchaser only - applicable in country of purchase