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With its links to two iconic British hi fi brands, Epoz was able to call on those companies for assistance with AktiMate’s early development. That assistance was invaluable as it provided the company initially with the ability to produce the first AktiMate Mini.

Instantly it was applauded in Australia, and within 2 months in America and England, not only for its superior sonic performance but also its versatility. The AktiMate Mini provided its owners with the option to add standard hi-fi sources, for example, a CD Player or a Tuner as well as incorporating an option to add a subwoofer or even to daisy chain pairs of AktiMates through a house. AktiMate was - and still is - used frequently as the speakers of choice for television.

The fact that an iPod dock was an integral part of the design meant any iPod could just be popped into the top of the active speaker. For Epoz, this meant that the younger generation who mostly listened to their music via an iPod or MP3 player with headphones, would be introduced to the benefits of hi-fi reproduction of their music through these speakers. In theory that would lead them to consider quality hi-fi options when furnishing their own homes.

And that was something Epoz could offer!

Building on the success of the Mini and realising that the market was changing rapidly, Epoz expanded the AktiMate range with the addition of the Maxi in 2009. This was a completely different product. Whilst it continued to offer the features of the Mini, it added a digital module to provide Internet radio and media streaming (via Ethernet or wireless option). The Maxi had won a British award as the best desktop speaker, but it was in fact a little large to be acceptable for use alongside a PC to the vast majority.

By late 2010 although the British companies Creek and Epos had remained involved, it was time for Epoz to take hold of the development reins completely. Having to overcome some early minor hang-ups, the company knew exactly what it wanted and by then was in a position to employ its own development engineer. By taking complete control, any potential problems could be overcome before they got to a production stage.  

With so much music stored these days on a separate storage device or a computer, and so much time spent in front of a screen, Epoz looked further at the market and felt that there was a decided gap to fill in the high quality desktop speaker area. Even though the Maxi had won a British award as the best desktop speaker, it was in fact in Epoz’ eyes, physically too big to be acceptable to the vast majority.The first product therefore to appear under the new development regime was the AktiMate Micro - a smaller speaker with features to position it as an instant leader in desktop speakers for anyone who wanted seriously good reproduction of their music while sitting in front of their PC. The Micro retained the signature iPod dock. Its simplicity coupled with its superior sound brought it its own award recognition within a month of its release.

Awarded Desktop Speaker of the Year in both Australia and the UK for 2012/13 the Micro was testament to the success of the new engineering team.

2011 saw the introduction of an upgraded Mini - the Mini+. The change in features were minimal but there were many internal improvements in terms of components used. The remote handset was changed to something more stylish and importantly input selection was added, something that had been missing in the early AktiMate design.

The AktiMate Maxi was discontinued during 2012. Technology had moved on and development began on a replacement product. The new product - AktiMate Blue - a speaker system with multiple analogue and digital inputs plus Bluetooth - was released at the end of 2013. It was immediately recognised with an Australian award for the 2014 System Solution.

To cater to a wider audience Epoz sourced its own Bluetooth adaptor in 2013. Fitting neatly into the iPod dock of the AktiMate speakers, it converted the docks of the Micro and Mini+ to Bluetooth. Not only did this cater to the rapidly growing Android market but it provided a bonus for long time AktiMate owners to enjoy the benefits and convenience Bluetooth can offer.

As we move into 2015 the AktiMate range no longer includes its signature dock. All models include Bluetooth 4.0 whilst retaining a range of inputs and outputs, making AktiMate one of the most versatile options available.

With the exceptional growth for this recognised Australian developed brand, Epoz has taken the step to appoint a national distributor to look after the Australian market. This provides us with the opportunity to introduce AktiMate to even more global markets in the years ahead. Audio Heaven, www.audioheaven.com.au based in Melbourne, was the company to impress us most and so took over the reins when our latest models were released at the Australian Audio and AV Show late in October 2014.

Do visit the About Us page on the Australian Epoz site where you can learn about the people in the company behind AktiMate.


We are often asked about AktiMate’s heritage.

It all began in 2006 with a discussion in a beach-side cafe in Collaroy on Sydney’s northern beaches during the Australian summer.

Epoz, the company behind AktiMate, was itself relatively new and had been established in late 2005 to distribute two successful British hi-fi brands.

With traditional hi-fi as part of the company’s DNA but its management undeniably a part of the iPod generation, it seemed logical to combine the two.

iPod docks were beginning to appear at that time but primarily as single pieces. The possibility to produce a seriously good pair of hi-fi stereo loudspeakers, with a built in amplifier together with an in-built but elegantly concealed iPod dock sounded like a great idea. The sun, surf and general ambience undoubtedly increased the enthusiasm as the day wore on!