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We are often asked about AktiMate’s heritage.

It all began in 2006 with a discussion in a beach-side cafe in Collaroy on Sydney’s northern beaches during the Australian summer.

Epoz, the company behind AktiMate, was itself relatively new and had been established in late 2005 to distribute two successful British hi-fi brands.

With traditional hi-fi as part of the company’s DNA but its management undeniably a part of the iPod generation, it seemed logical to combine the two.

iPod docks were beginning to appear but primarily as single pieces. The possibility to produce a seriously good pair of hi-fi stereo loudspeakers, with a built in amplifier together with an in-built but elegantly concealed iPod dock sounded like a great idea.

The sun, surf and general ambience undoubtedly increased the enthusiasm as the day wore on!

Once released, it was soon evident how clever AktiMate actually was - not only for its superior sonic performance but also its versatility. The speakers provided an option to add standard hi-fi sources, for example, a CD Player or a Tuner, as well as incorporating an option to add a subwoofer or even to daisy chain pairs of AktiMates through a house. AktiMate was - and still is - used frequently as the stereo speakers of choice for television.

There were a series of upgrades through the years and with three models offering different options, the company initially sourced its own Bluetooth adaptor in 2013. Fitting neatly into the iPod dock, it converted the function of the dock to Bluetooth. Not only did this cater to the rapidly growing Android market but it provided a bonus for long time AktiMate owners to enjoy the benefits and convenience Bluetooth offered.

By 2015 the range no longer included its signature dock. All models now include Bluetooth as standard whilst retaining a range of inputs and outputs, making AktiMate one of the most versatile options available.

The driving force behind AktiMate in its early days was Jason Pugh, whose enthuiasm and energy was boundless.

In recent years he has been ably supported by AktiMate’s design engineer, Santo Prattico who has been living in China, overseeing both the development and production of the AktiMate line.

Santo is now designing new products for AktiMate,  and with two Chinese business partners, will expand AktiMate’s global presence - beginning with the south east Asian market. Supply to the rest of the world will be close behind.